ROUTE 2080 – Urban Metabolism. Approaches on the Ecology of Cities

26 / 11 / 17

by Clemens Bauder / Olaf Grawert

New concepts and economic models lead to a rethinking, also in mobility. Today it is no longer the car as an object, but mobility as a service that people are interested in. Thus, petrol stations and multi-storey car parks fall out of their time and use into insignificance and become places whose history is a metaphor of social change. As planners we have to ask ourselves: what happens to architecture that has fallen out of its use? The topic of grey energy —the sum of extraction, production, transport, storage, etc.— poses new challenges in times of climate change: How can we build today for tomorrow?
„Route 2080“ makes the history of the carpark, and its greater social relevance as a place of change, a topic. As a connection between “Höhenrausch” and “kulturtankstelle” the visitors are guided through the climate-tower and experience a sensuous view in the future of the city. Linz in the year 2080. The themes: past vs. future; city vs. countryside; economy vs. ecology expand in the “kulturtankstelle”.


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