MICRO ARCHITECTURE STUDIO – Urban Metabolism. Approaches on the Ecology of Cities

26 / 11 / 17

by Prof. Huai-Wen Chang

The Micro Architecture Studio (MAS) was founded in 2014. It comprises students from the Department of Architecture at Tamkang University and Shih Chien University Taiwan, and a transdisciplinary team of consultants from fields including architecture, landscape architecture, environmental engineering, ecology, water resources, smart control, lighting, and interactive installation.
Micro Architecture Studio combines micro-architecture with green design. By discussing design methods, training in structure and detail in design, and the introduction of Ecotect analysis software, MAS students gain a deep understanding of green design.
MAS addresses big environmental issues through close interaction between micro-architecture and the environment - with marginal force, practical actions and innovative thinking. MAS is a future laboratory where we reverse the adverse climate effects on cities by understanding the city as an ecosystem and studying special parts like the Zhongdou Wetland or the Fine Arts Museum in Taipei. We always explore the relationship between human-nature and the city, and thus develop a way of co-existence with nature.


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